Natural Healing: Simple Exercise to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is quite common for office workers. A study suggests that people who remain active most of the day are likely to suffer less from lower back pain. Simple exercises and some daily activities ensure quick recovery from this pain. There are some formal exercise moves like walking within the house and strolling some shops.

Doctors usually recommend a package of 8-10 weeks of these exercise moves. A qualified instructor is always helpful for the initial supervision.


Getting moving and resting for a while can be helpful to get some relief from lower back pain. Regular exercise moves will strengthen your back leg muscles and stomach. These are the muscles that support your spine.

It is always recommended to seek some professional advice before starting any exercise for back pain. You will feel some mild discomfort during the initial phase of the exercise. However the severity of this discomfort is nothing compared to the back pain. Let’s have a look at some simple exercise moves recommended for lower back pain

Partial Crunches:

Partial crunches are very helpful for strengthening stomach and back muscles. You will have to lie flat on a carpet or mat and bend your knees. Then you have to cross your arms over the chest and put hands behind the neck. Hold this position for some seconds and then repeat 10-12 times.

Aerobic Exercise:

Aerobic exercise includes swimming, cycling and regular walking. These simple aerobic exercises will help reduce the back pain. You can start with a short session and increase the duration over time. Remember while swimming avoid strokes which usually twist your body.


Stretching Hamstring:

Hamstring stretching has proven to be very effective to get relive from lower back pain. You have to lie on your back and bend one knee. A towel will go around the feet, straighten your knee and pull the towel repeatedly. Five of six times for each leg is recommended for better result.

Wall Sits:

The wall sitting procedure involves standing 10-12 inches from the wall and leaning back until the back is flat against the wall, then slide down until the knees are bent. You can count to 10 to get used to a duration. Repeat this movement 10-12 times.

Knee on Chest:

This exercise move is very simple and very effective. You have to lie on your back with knees bent while the feet are flat on the floor. Bring one knee close to your chest keeping the other foot on floor. This action will keep your lower back pressed to the floor. Repeat this movement four to five time per day.

Lifting Weights:

Lifting weights is helpful if done properly and under proper supervision. There is a misconception that lifting weight will hurt the back, but actually it’s the other way around. Lifting weighs will help to reduce chronic lower back pain. Lifting weight should be done properly otherwise will increase the risk of further injury.