Clean Your Carpet And Declutter for Internal Happiness

Part of our healing process would require not only physical healing but that this of emotional healing. Living among disorder or crowded space does have a negative impact on your health and well being. In order to feel true happiness in your core, decluttering is essential for a positive and well balanced life. When we talk about declutter, we reflect on many things that we can do to feel free and happy that include both emotional and physical aspects of our life. We can refer to all this as getting rid of junk from your life. A research have found that almost half the Americans find their home not clean or organized enough and feel stressed about it and thus diminished their ability to focus.

Emotional De-Clutter

This is mainly getting rid of old and negative feelings and memories and replacing them with more positive and happy memories. This can be done in several ways

  • Write down all the bad and hurtful memories on a piece of paper and let your emotions flow andlove cry. After you are done, tear the paper and throw it away in the garbage where it belongs. This act is the process of  removing and decluttering old and negative feelings from your life
  • Ask yourself who around you is providing you with positive energy and encourage you. If  you feel there are people around you who are just draining you and bringing you down  then just let go of them
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Every time you think of a negative or  hurtful memory train yourself to replace it with a positive one. Plaster these positive  thoughts all around your house and your mirror to be able to see it all the time. Think  positive and it will reflect in your emotion and your well being


Physical Declutter

A messy, dirty or disorganized house reflects in a Chakra imbalance. It indicates mental confusion, disarray, negative love relationships. Therefore if you want to feel

  • Organize your closet – Start of with organizing your closet and get rid of all the stuff you are either not using or just do not fit you any more.
  • Clean your Carpet  – Remove all the stains and unwanted spots and dirt and make it look fresh and new again just life the feeling you want to bring in your life. Bring in an expert like Carpet Cleaning Montreal to do the job for you, that way you can guarantee it carpetwill be gone permanently and you will feel like the carpet is brand new. Cleaning  your carpet on a regular basis especially with professional help from carpet Cleaners allows you to  remove that stuffy feeling around, will diminish all unwanted allergens and dust  especially if you have pets and will give you a new, bright and great smelling  carpet  around the house and thus a feeling of well being and accomplished.
  • Clean your House – Remove all unwanted stuff and dispose them or store them away in containers or lockers and clean your space thoroughly even if you have to  get a professional cleaning service to do so. This will help clear your space and your  mind.

All the above will help you declutter your life,  your mind and your spirit and will allow for spiritual growth and immense happiness. It will also provide you with the tools to better focus and find things easier around the house.


Heres some sample video how to do the cleaning:

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