Pros and Cons of Herbal Medicine


There are many benefits of herbal medicine and it has been used by human over many centuries. But this natural medicine has some disadvantages also. When the case is choosing the right medicine for your health, you have to be sure about it. So always seek professional advice from a herbalist before taking any herbal medicine. The fact is, most secrets and effectiveness of herbal medicine are still undiscovered. Therefore the medicine doesn’t comply with exact science. But there is no doubt that people have benefitted from using herbal medicine. Let’s have a look at some advantages of herbal medicines:

Reduced Side Effects:

Herbal medicine has minimum side effects on our body. Human body can tolerate herbal medicine more than conventional medicine. Conventional scientific medicine of cure faster but it comes with a cost of adverse side effect on human body. You will face minimum consequence and after effects of herbal medicine than conventional medicine. So it can be assumed that herbal medicine are safer to use for healing process.

Chronic Condition

Herbal medicines have been proven more effective than traditional medicine in long standing health problem. Conventional medicine has minimum effect on the long lasting health problems. For example herbal medicines are more suitable and effective in case of long lasting health issue like arthritis. Alternative medicine produce faster result in chronic health condition than conventional medicine.

Cost Effective:

Herbal medicine is also cost effective compared to conventional pharmaceuticals medicine. Herbs cost less than expensive chemical used in traditional medicine. Research and manufacturing cost of herbal medicine are also lower than conventional medicine. Herbal medicine is a cost effective solution for your health related issue.


Herbal medicines are more available than conventional medicine. You will easily find herbal medicine in local stores. Traditional medicines can be hard to get because those are not available sometime in your local market.

Some Cons of Herbal Medicines are also listed below:

Specific Condition

Herbal medicines are appropriate and effective in some health condition. So using herbal medicine for any kind of health problems is not a wise thing to do. Modern medicines are more suitable for fast treatments. So choose herbal medicine according to your health issue. You will get even benefits from natural medicines for all kinds of health condition. In some condition herbal medicines can be inappropriate to use.


Lack of Instructions

The exact dosage information of herbal medicine is often hard to get. Herbal medicine is more like do it yourself stuff. For serious health condition, it is not wise to choose the dosage on your own. With herbal medicine you might not get enough information about proper dosage. So this can be a problem for the patient.


Lack of Regulations

The rules and regulation of herbal medicine are not as strict as pharmaceutical medicine. So the quality control often remains ignored. With herbal medicine you can’t be sure about the quality of the medicine. Choosing prescribed medicine is the wise thing to do.