Home Remedy Ideas



The things around you can be very useful for you in difficult situations. The things lying around your beds are often most effectiveness ones for quick remedies. You don’t have to run to a drug store every time you need help. You can utilize home materials for quick remedies. So here are some quick and simple home remedy ideas for you

Bar of Soap

After a long and tired day in the office your legs may feel restless and hurt a bit. This is common among middle aged people. So what should you do to get a quick relief? You can unpack a new soap and put it under your feet. You will fell a lot better and your legs will hurt less. This is a home remedy few people know about. Try it today and see the result for yourself. A bar of soap is also very effective if you are suffering from itchy mosquito bites. Rub a bar of soap on the mosquito bitten spot and get a quick relief.

Grey Tea

If you are suffering from sunburns and you want a quick relief form this condition, you can use earl grey tea. You will need few bags of earl grey tea and mixing those into a bathtub full of water. After mixing you can submerge your body into the bathtub. Grey tea are very effective to fight the sunburn condition. Now you don’t need to run to a doctor every time you face a sunburn problem. Try the grey tea remedy today.



Do you know that Listerine can be a very good anti dandruff material? May be you are using shampoo worth hundreds dollars every day, but you should try this home remedy to get rid of dandruff. Listerine can effective get you rid of dandruff problems. It is not the most scientific method to removing your dandruff but it is very effective.

Marshmallows and Baking Soda

Marshmallows are good for sore throat. If you are suffering from a sore throat, you can refrigerate and eat some marshmallow. The marshmallow root tea is also very effective against sore throats. It is also the right excuse for you to eat some marshmallow. Baking soda is another home remedy item which can be very effective in difficult situation. For example, if you have to remove a splinter or a piece of glass from your foot, apply some baking soda in there. It will cause the skin to swell and you can easily pull the splinter out,


The white part of eggs are effective to reduce your high fever temperature. You just have to soak a piece of cloth into the white part of the egg and put it on your body. Your body temperature will fall very quickly and you will get some relief.

The above methods are not scientific of sorts, but people have found those useful in many ways. So it is all about trust in the end. You will get the result if you believe those can help you.