Relaxations Techniques for Headaches


Migraine is the one of the worst physical condition for anyone who is enduring the pain. But there are some relaxation techniques which can help you to ease the pain. These techniques are medically approved and studies suggest those are actually quite effective. You have to learn now to control your breathing in order to cope with migraine. Our breathing pattern is way more important aspect of our physical condition than we actually think. It has been seen that people hold their breath and use high voice to exhale, this condition represent anxiety.

On the other hand, people who speak with a lower pitch of voice are more likely suffering from tension. So here are some useful tips for you to control your headache

Rhythmic Breathing

This relaxation technique is very helpful to ease your headache. Breathing in a hurry will accelerate the headache so you have to learn about slow and rhythmic breathing. Try slower breathing and do that with a particular rhythm. Counting can help if you are trying a rhythmic breathing pattern. Fix some counting for inhale and exhale process and then repeat that. This will help your relaxation process and ease your headache pain. Start today with this rhythmic pattern, you will feel the difference within few days.

Deep Breathing

As said earlier, breathing in a hurry is never a good idea if you are suffering from headache. You have to learn about deep breathing and practice that. Imaging few things can really help this process, like imagine something in your stomach and breath up to that. Then you have to let the air out, it is like a process of a deflatingĀ small balloon. Deep breathing pattern will really help you to overcome your headache pain a little bit. You should start practicing this relaxation technique.

Relax Muscles

The relaxation technique also includes the orientation of your mind. You must switch all your thoughts while breathing in a certain pattern. This process is called scanning your body with a subconscious mind. You will feel some difference if you are noticing your headache closely. Let go of all kinds of anxiety and tension you may have while practicing these techniques. Recall your sweetest memory and think about it, try to take your mind away from other pain and tension. Muscle relaxation helps your blood circulation and take your mind out of the headache.

Listening to Music

This is another relaxation technique which has been proven to be very effective to help your headache condition. The music has to be soft and relaxing, loud noise can trigger a headache so be careful about the music selection. Smoothing music will help your body and mind to relax and will take your mind away from other things. Some people use specially made music to help their relaxation process.

Above are some techniques you may follow to ease your headache pain. There are other techniques like imaginary scenarios, and visual breathing which are also very effective in relaxation.